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Sara Larman

Data Licensing Manager

Sara Larman Sara joined NSRI in 2004 working in the business development team. Sara manages the issuing and renewal of data licence agreements, preparing performance figures and keeps abreast of business development opportunities. She is a qualified environmental auditor and regularly conducts environment audits on campus.

Key Experience:

  • Manages the customer database for all soil data licenced to Crown and Commercial clients. This includes DEFRA funded contracts, Copyright and publication licences. 
  • Publications Officer
  • Liaison with customers and staff in other University schools. 
  • Financial accounting of all data lease contracts and reporting of quarterly figures. 
  • Involvement in the environmental quality auditing system. 


Contact details

Sara Larman
Data Licensing Manager
Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute (CSAI)
Vincent Building
Cranfield University
MK43 0AL
Tel: (01234) 750111 ext 2772
Fax: (01234) 752970