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Dr Timothy Farewell

Senior Research Fellow in Geospatial Informatics


Jason CarvalhoDr Timothy Farewell is a geospatial soil and environmental scientist specialising in the dynamic interactions between geohazards and critical infrastructure. He holds a first class Geology degree from the University of Durham, a Masters in Geographic Information Management from Cranfield University from where he also was also awarded a PhD in "Innovative Methods of Soil Parent Material Mapping". Dr Farewell has worked at Cranfield University since 2003, and his academic career has developed as a result of his wide-ranging knowledge transfer work with the utilities industry and financial services, as well as government agencies. He has helped these organisations to understand and make use of (previously opaque) soil maps and complex spatiotemporal environmental data to enhance their decision making processes. The advancements that Dr Farewell has contributed to the geospatial environmental models for pipe fracture potential and corrosivity to iron are being actively used by most water companies in England and Wales. The developments he has led in Cranfield University's Natural Perils Directory (NPD) climate adjusted clay related subsidence models has resulted in a dramatic growth in the use of these model in the insurance and reinsurance industry both in the UK and internationally. This successful transfer of research into practice is characteristic of much of Dr Farewell's work. On the basis of his work with these organisations, he is convinced of the need to better the understanding of the often complex environmental-infrastructure interactions.

Current research theme areas:

Financial Sector: Subsidence, ground movement and flooding.

Water Industry: environmental impacts on assets, and asset management planning, sewer flooding, pipe vulnerabilities to corrosion or fracture, climate change.

Government: enabling effective soils-related decision making by non-soil scientists working for the Crown, Executive Agencies, local and regional governments and related organisations.

Dr Farewell also has an interest modelling the unmapped layer between geology and soil. Other research areas: environmental costs and benefits of land management options, peatland sustainability, diffuse heavy metal pollution, archaeological artefact preservation potentials, health and the environment.


  • Most UK Water Companies
  • Many Insurance and Reinsurance Companies
  • Defra
  • Environment Agency
  • Local Government


Contact details

Dr Timothy Farewell
Senior Research Fellow in Geospatial Informatics
Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute (CSAI)
Vincent Building
Cranfield University
MK43 0AL
Tel: (01234) 752978