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Soils in my area

How can I have a link on my website to the soils in my area?

Yes, our Soilscapes viewer now has a free facility to add a georeference to the URL parameters to direct the opening view to a particular location. You can use the example code below to provide a cross-link to your chosen location - just edit the location reference for your own area.

Georeferencing the Soilscapes viewer
URL link for your website Georeference
Postcode reference
National Grid Reference
Easting and Northing


Soils data fees

How much do you charge students for your data? I am doing a PhD.

We don't charge students any royalty fees. Currently the preparation and administration fee is £375 + VAT, which is payable by your University department.


Soils data lease term

How long can I keep the soils data I lease from Cranfield?

When you take out the initial data lease, the term (period) of the licence will be made clear and in writing. When this term expires you have the option to renew the licence. Our maximum lease length is currently 5 years.


Maps and VAT

Do you charge VAT for purchasing paper maps and publications?

The good news is that paper maps and report publications are not subject to VAT.


Soils classification

I need to understand more about the classification system used to describe soils in England and Wales.

The classification scheme for England and Wales is provided here online, or alternatively as a downloadable pdf document.

Our downloads section also has many other useful publications for you to access.


Soils report

I need a description of the soils for my project study .

As well as the online Soils Guide (see services), Cranfield also offer the powerful Soils Site Reporter tool, which produces comprehensive environmental reports for the areas around specified points (e.g. a Postcode or a grid reference). The report is reasonably priced, and is also made available for free for Undergraduate students and their college teachers.

Find out more about the Soils Site Reporter here.


LandIS Metadata

Can I access metadata for the LandIS data holdings?

We are developing an online metadata service based on the open source tool GeoNetwork. This service will see increasing amounts of descriptive metadata for the LandIS data holdings placed in it for public access.


Further information

Not answered your query?

If your query related to the Soils Site Reporter, you may also like to view the separate Soils Site Reporter Frequently Asked Questions.

If your query relates more to soil science and soils in general, do also have a look at Soil-Net is our freely-available, educational resource for school students and teachers. Some of the other websites on our links page may also be of interest.

Do contact us with any other queries.