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Links to key online sources of soils information

Presented below are online links to other online sources of soils information worldwide.

Other Cranfield University web resources

Institute home page, Cranfield University UK, - our Institute home page. We are the largest UK national and international centre for research and development, consultancy and training in soils and their interaction with the atmosphere, land use, geology and water resources.

WOSSAC - Cranfield University's World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue. Soil maps and reports from around the world

CatchIS - Cranfield University's Catchment Information System

Soils Worldwide - home of the SoilPIC project, Cranfield University's substantial free online collection of soil profile and landscape photographs

Visit!Soil-Net Educational Soils Portal - Cranfield University's free online educational resource for schools

GeoThread - Cranfield University's Geospatial blogsite

Other web resources of relevance

The UK Soil Observatory online web portal

The Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Northern Ireland (AFBI)

British Society of Soil Science (BSSS)

Tropical Agriculture Association (TAA)

ISRIC - World Soil Information

European Digital Archive on Soil Maps of the World

FAO Soil Maps of the World

IRD France, Institut de Recherche pour le développement

International Union of Soil Scientists (IUSS)

Institute of Professional Soil Scientists (IPSS)

The James hutton Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland (JHI)

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