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Make a payment for a LandIS publications and datasets

Cranfield University are able to provide an online payments service to facilitate your purchase of maps and reports, as well as the lease of digital data products.

Important: Paper-based maps and books do not attract a VAT fee, however, the charge to lease our digital datasets does incur VAT. We therefore have provided a separate payment page for each of these services offered.

The preferred procedure for procuring goods, materials and services from us is, in the first instance, to contact the LandIS team to discuss your requirements; specific cost summaries can then be agreed. The online payment facilities are provided as a convenience for payments once the price is agreed with us.

Please note that alternatively, cheques made in sterling and issued by a British bank can also be sent to the LandIS office in remittance. Please note that services can only be undertaken on receipt of valid payment.

Please select the appropriate payment option below:

Publications To purchase maps and books.
Data lease To lease digital datasets.