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What is Soil-Net?

A freely accessible soil educational portal for students, teachers and guardians. is a free and compelling environmental Internet resource for Key Stages 1-4 providing teachers and students extensive curriculum-based information about soil. As one of the three major natural resources, alongside air and water, soil is vital to the existence of life on earth. will help you discover what soil is, the teeming life in soil and about the many environmental threats facing soils. Remember, soil is all around us, just under our feet!.


What does SoilsWorldwide contain?

Thousands of environmental images, freely accessible

As a topic, soil is increasingly making its way up the political agenda in the UK and in wider Europe. At this time, when forthcoming UK legislation and the proposed EU Soil Framework Directive will make specific reference to sustainable soil management, there is a lack of sound advice and reference on how soil affects our lives, for all age groups. We often read about air pollution and water pollution but only more rarely do we hear of soil pollution or the importance of soil management and yet as the third 'media' of our natural environment, protecting the scarce and fragile soil resource is now more important that ever.

Soil affects each of us in our everyday lives whether we realise it or not, from the food we eat to our leisure pursuits, and the careers we choose to the foundations our houses and roads are built upon. The importance of soil and the 'ecological services' and 'functions' it performs, and the 'threats' facing soil are often misunderstood and misrepresented. There is now a compelling case for a clear statement concerning soil, and the Soil-net project sets out to do this by presenting educational materials related to the four UK Key Stages (ages 5 through to 16), bringing to the reader's attention the current developments affecting soils-related policy-making and soil science.

Developed originally by Cranfield University's National Soil Resources Institute, Soil-Net offers extensive information, advice and activities for students, teachers, parents and carers alike to assist in education of this vital subject.

Full descriptions of these materials are available via the Soil-Net website.


Accessing Soil-Net

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SoilsWorldwide materials are all freely accessible online and may be used for a range of education and awareness actuivities relating to that most precious of natural resources, our soil.

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Soil-Net - Soil educational materials