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Soils Worldwide - Photographic archive of world soils

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What is SoilsWorldwide?

An international archive of soil profile and related environmental and landscape photographs

SoilsWorldwide is a website dedicated to exploring and presenting the sheer variety of soil and related soil landscapes worldwide. Embedded within the SoilsWorldwide website is the SoilPIC Photographic Image Collection and Archive, sponsored in part by the British Society of Soil Science (BSSS). SoilPIC seeks to present photographic imagery to depict the astonishing variety of soil types from around the world, together with the landscapes typical of these soils.


What does SoilsWorldwide contain?

Thousands of environmental images, freely accessible

The SoilsWorldwide Archive (part of NSRI's wider WOSSAC archive) is based at Cranfield University, UK. The archive itself incorporates the 'SoilPIC' project (Soil Photographic Image Catalogue) and today comprises many thousands of photographs of soil profiles and their associated soil landscapes. The project commenced when the many, many photographs taken by the former soil surveyors around England and Wales were collated and brought together. These images were scanned from the original 35mm slides and to this collection has been added substantial numbers of slides of soils and associated landscapes from elsewhere around the world. A long-term abbition is to link all these photos with soiol classification systems to produce a set of referenced imagery for scholarly access and use. Full descriptions of these materials are available via the SoilsWorldwide website.


Accessing SoilsWorldwide

Contact details

SoilsWorldwide materials are all freely accessible online and may be used for a range of scholarly studies into the range and nature of world soil types.

For further details concerning SoilsWorldwide, please contact us:

Stephen Hallett, PhD, MSc, BSc (Hon)
Professor in Applied Environmental Informatics
Cranfield Centre for Environmental & Agricultural Informatics
Cranfield University
Building 53a
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Tel: (01234) 754287
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Soils Worldwide - Photographic archive of world soils