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WOSSAC - World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue

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What is WOSSAC?

An international archive of soil and related environmental information

First commenced in January, 2004, the Cranfield University 'World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue' (WOSSAC) project aims to develop an archive and catalogue of all substantial soil surveys, reports and maps made overseas, with particular reference to those by British companies and personnel, to provide a safe repository for endangered copies, and to make the accrued information widely available for consultation by interested parties.


What does WOSSAC contain?

Information Holdings

The WOSSAC Archive is based at Cranfield University, UK. The archive itself comprises many parts. We have the soil reports section, the soil maps and albums section, a soil books section, an aerial photography section, and a satellite imagery section. We are constantly seeking the ways and means to improve and develop the WOSSAC facilities. Most significantly, the University recently undertook the move of the collection from the former Cranfield Silsoe campus to the Cranfield campus. As part of this, the facilities provided and cataloguing systems have been greatly improved. Today the archive holdings represent some 27,026 current catalogued items, from 352 territories worldwide. Full descriptions of these materials are available via the WOSSAC website.


Accessing WOSSAC

Contact details

WOSSAC materials may be used for a broad range of natural resource inventory projects, such as environmental assessments, intra-regional studies and food security assessments.

For further details concerning WOSSAC, please contact us:

Stephen Hallett, PhD, MSc, BSc (Hon)
Professor in Applied Environmental Informatics
Cranfield Centre for Environmental & Agricultural Informatics
Cranfield University
Building 53a
Cranfield campus
MK43 0AL
Tel: (01234) 754287
Fax: (01234) 752970
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