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Welcome to the new, updated version of the Soils Site Reporter.

The Soils Site Reporter application has recently been updated. Our old application, which served us well for many years, had gradually grown out of date and incompatible with newer browsers and web technologies so we've rebuilt the reporting tool completely, from the ground up. We hope you'll bear with us for the first few weeks while some new functionality is added and any small bumps are ironed out. Hopefully you'll appreciate the smoother and more intuitive interface. Our new application also gives us a platform for adding new features, developing the capabilities of the Soils Site Reporter and further integrating with some of the other LandIS web mapping tools on offer.

If you have any problems or just need a hand getting to grips with the new interface, drop us a line at and we'll be pleased to help.

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The Soils Site Reporter is an easy-to-use, online soil reporting tool which produces site-specific soils information with maps and soil descriptions. As the national authority on the sustainable management of soil resources for England and Wales,CSAI holds a vast collection of soils information, now available in a matter of minutes with the input of a grid reference or Postcode.

Each report, downloadable in pdf format, provides detailed information on the expected soil conditions at the site and outlines interpretations of the suitability for different uses. A variety of environmental issues such as the potential of damaging ground movement or pipe corrosion and the ease with which chemicals can leach into groundwater or run off into rivers are also included.


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