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HORIZON Fundamentals is tabular data that can be used in conjunction with any of the NATMAP products, excepting NATMAP soilscapes.

HORIZON Fundamentals includes very detailed descriptions of the texture and other properties pertaining to the soils. This dataset provides the most detailed description of each horizon, or horizontal layer, determined for the soil series. It is based heavily on laboratory based analyses.

How much does this product cost?

You will need to lease this attribute product with a relevant NATMAP soil map dataset. For detailed pricing information, use our Quotation Advisor utility.

HORIZON Fundamentals data and description

The table below describes the various properties within this data product. Each table contains the information outlined below.

Property Example from data Description
HORID 1 Unique Horizon Identifier (Defines one Horizon (depth range, series, landuse))

Soil series code for each series, this is a 4 digit numeric code

LU_GROUP PG Landuse Group - AR (Arable) PG (Permanent Grass) LE (Ley Grassland) or OT (Other)
DESIGNATION E Layer Designation - At a basic level A (Topsoil) B (subsoil) C (Parent Material) E (Elluvial) O (Organic)
UPPER_DEPTH 20 Horizon upper depth in cm (<0 indicated litter layer)
LOWER_DEPTH 35 Horizon lower depth in cm (999 implies that the depth was below the bottom of the profile)
SAND_TOTAL 71 Total sand (0.06-2.0mm, 60-2000μm) content (%) by weight
SAND_FINE 38 Fine sand (0.06-0.2mm, 60-200μm) content (%) by weight
SAND_MED   Medium sand content (%) by weight
SAND_COARSE   Coarse sand content (%) by weight
SILT 28 Silt content (%) including CaCO3sub>, (0.002 -0.06mm, 2-60μm)
CLAY 1 Clay content (%) including CaCO3sub> (<2μm)
CARBON 1.5 Organic Carbon % (by wt)
PH 3.6 pH of soil measure after shaking 10ml of soil for 15 minutes with 25ml of water
SAND_TOTAL_QA NA Quality Information relevant to the total sand value
SAND_FINE_QA NA Quality Information relevant to the fine sand value
SAND_MED_QA ND Quality Information relevant to the medium sand value
SAND_COARSE_QA ND Quality Information relevant to the coarse sand value
SILT_QA NA Quality Information relevant to the silt value
CLAY_QA NA Quality Information relevant to the clay value
OC_QA EXPERT Quality Information relevant to the organic carbon value
PH_QA EXPERT Quality Information relevant to the pH value

Note: Quality information (*_QA) relevant to the texture, organic carbon and pH values is provided. Where the data is averaged from measured sample data the standard deviation is recorded unless their were too few samples in which case Not Applicable (NA) is entered. In some cases an expert soil scientist provided a meaningful value for the parameter in which case the value is labeled 'EXPERT'. Where no meaningful value is derivable a reason is given whether as a result of rock, rubble, ironpan or peat. The coarse and medium sand values have as yet only been derived for the 'A' horizons, therefore subhorizons are labeled 'ND' for Not Derived.

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