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National Soil Map of England and Wales - NATMAP

NATMAP Soilscapes

National Soilscapes Map

NATMAP Soilscapes is a popular product derived from the National Soil Map. It seeks to provide a useful, concise, easily interpreted and applicable description of the soils of England and Wales. However, unlike NATMAP vector, NATMAP soilscapes cannot be customised with non-spatial data like SOILSERIES.

Key Facts and Statistics about NATMAP soilscapes

  • Simplified rendition of the national soil map;
  • About 30 distinct soil types

Who and what is this useful for?

NATMAP soilscapes is useful for anyone wanting generalised and simple-to-understand soil information at a 1:250,000 scale.

Conservationists, naturalists and those concerned with whole eco-system dynamics will find this data very useful, as will city, county and district councils.

How much does this product cost?

  • £250 per 1,000 km2.
  • Significant discounts apply for larger areas.

For detailed pricing information, use our Quotation Advisor utility.

NATMAP Soilscapes data and description

To view the legend for NATMAP soilscapes, click here.

The table below describes the various properties within this data product. Each polygon contains the information outlined below.

Property Example from data Description
SOIL Shallow very acid peaty soils over rock General description of the soil
TEXTURE Peaty General description of the texture of the soil
DRAINAGE Variable General description of the drainage of the soil
FERTILITY Very low General description of the fertility of the soil
LAND_COVER Open moor General description of the expected land cover types for this type of soil
HABITATS Rugged wet heather and grass moor with bare rock, and bog vegetation in hollows General description expected habitats for this type of soil
SHAPE 2 Feature ID code which links with the spatial description of the data within a geodatabase