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National Soil Map of England and Wales - NATMAP


National Soil Map - Vector Data Version

NATMAP Vector is the principle soil data product held at Cranfield University. It is a 1:250,000 scale map of England and Wales, showing the locations of the 297 distinct soil associations wherever they occur within the countries. Within each of the soil associations are multiple soil series. This hierarchical data structure allows for easy integration with the the series-based, non-spatial SOILSERIES data, pulling this tabular data also in the the spatial framework.

Key Facts and Statistics about NATMAP vector

  • 1:250,000 scale digitised National Soil map with 1:50,000 registered linework
  • Coastal and inland water bodies registered to 1:50,000 scale
  • Soil associations are the map units. Multiple soil series comprise a soil association
  • 297 map units (Soil associations)
  • Over 200 man-years went into the creation of this map product.

Who and what is this useful for?

  • NATMAP vector is useful for anyone wanting detailed soil information at 1:250,000 scale.
  • NATMAP vector is essential for the best resolution soil series based work for most of England and Wales.
  • NATMAP vector is being used by most of the major water companies, many universities, consultants and governmental bodies. Because of the structure of NATMAP vector, it is readily customised with additional datasets, providing task-specific targeted information crucial to so many operations.

How much does this product cost?

  • £500 per 1000km2.
  • Significant discounts apply for larger areas.

For detailed pricing information, use our Quotation Advisor utility.

NATMAP Vector data and description

The table below describes the various properties within this data product. Each polygon contains the information outlined below.

Property Example from data Description
LANDIS_NAT 1266991.75 Area of Polygon in square metres
PERIMETER 4785.984 Perimeter of Polygon
NATMAP_ 4 NATMAP ID number for Shapefile purposes
NATMAP_ID 3 NATMAP ID number for Shapefile purposes
MAP_SYMBOL 541r Map Symbol displayed on the map - combination of the unsurveyed flag with the map unit
MAP_UNIT 0541r National Soil Map Unit, Regional Bulletins and National Soil Map Legend.
UNSURVEYED Unsurveyed if the area is urban, and the map unit has been derived external sources and expert udgement
SHAPE 2 Feature ID code which links with the spatial description of the data within a geodatabase

Additional NATMAP Datasets

The following two tables are provided FREE on leasing NATMAP Vector.

NATMAP Legend data (*FREE with NATMAP vector)

Property Example from data Description
MAP_UNIT 0311a National Soil Map Unit, Regional Bulletins and National Soil Map Legend
MAP_UNIT_NAME REVIDGE Soil association name, named after the dominant soil series of which the association is comprised
SIMPLE_DESCRIPTION shallow peat over sandstone A simplified description of the soil association
SITE_GEOLOGY Palaeozoic gritstone and sandstone The geological parent material on which soil associations commonly occur
DOMINANT_SOIL Very shallow very acid peaty upland soils over rock. Text description of dominant soil type in soil association
ASSOCIATED_SOIL Some thick peat. Soil characteristics of associated soil
SITE_CHARACTERISTICS Steep craggy ground with extensive bare rock and scree. Text description of site characteristics of a soil association
CROP_LANDUSE Stock rearing on wet moorland habitats of poor grazing value in the uplands. recreation Text description of cropping and land use practices associated with a soil association
RED 245 RGB value for colour display (RED)
GREEN 238 RGB value for colour display (GREEN)
BLUE 126 RGB value for colour display (BLUE)

NATMAP associations data (*FREE with NATMAP vector)

Property Example from data Description
MAP_UNIT 1024c National Soil Map Unit, Regional Bulletins and National Soil Map Legend
DOMINANCE 4 Position of dominance of this soil series within this soil association (Map Unit)
SERIES 2273 Soil series code
SERIES_PC 10 Percentage of this soil series in the soil association (Map Unit)