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Loamy soils with naturally high groundwater (22)

Texture: Loamy
Drainage: Naturally wet
Fertility: Low
Land Cover: Arable grassland and woodland
Habitats: Wet acid meadows and woodland
Topsoil Carbon: Low
Mostly Drains To: Local shallow groundwater
Water Protection Issues: Soils are mostly drained. Shallow groundwater and marginal ditches to most fields mean that the water resource is vulnerable to pollution from nutrients, pesticides and wastes applied to the land
General Cropping Guidance: Most land is used for arable and root cropping but this is replaced by grass where soils are excessively stony or too wet. Although subject to groundwater inundation in the subsoil, these soils can be droughty in the summer

Included Soil Associations
0543    ARROW
0831b    SESSAY
0831c    WIGTON MOOR
0832    KELMSCOT
0841a    Curdridge
0841b    HURST
0841c    SWANWICK
0841e    PARK GATE

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